A. Catcobbler & FOILCATS History

    cacobbl 001

  • Many years ago when Hobie cat rudders would not stay locked down, I designed, made and sold at Florida beach regattas the very first Catcobbler Quik-Fit rudder-cam pins. This successful commercial product was later sold as “sister screws” by the persons who stole my design, back in the pre-internet days. Perhaps sailing hydrofoils will again bear the proud name FOILCATS from Catcobbler.
  • I worked with Dave Keiper before his untimely passing in 1998, and worked on the Hobie 18 as it would not fly with the original small surface-piercing (SP) foil set, and original settings. Later I designed, built and adapted a larger foil set to make it fly properly with my settings. The rig was initially sailed with 2 crew, but behaved so well that one crew works just fine.
  • Later my Hobie 16 was equipped with the small SP foil set, and results can be seen here. It was foiled singlehanded in the Atlantic off Daytona Beach, also at Tampa Bay at a big MidWinters Regatta with Raves in 2002 when Sam Bradfield inspected it. This is the only SP foiling Hobie 16 I have heard of. Sam Bradfield’s first commercial H16 kit employed heavy Aluminum T-foils. Cheetalope is a DIY project.
  • The wooden epoxy/plywood 1971 A-class Cheetalope was purchased in 2001 and adapted for the small foil set as modified.  This works well with A stock sail under all conditions and has never pitchpoled or turned over.  Later a standard A-class carbon mast (Carbon Composites) was installed with a modern sail.