C. FOILCATS – Hobie 18 Kangalope

Header above is Hobie18 Kangalope foiling in flat water inside Melrose Bay, Lake Santa Fe, Florida, pic by M. Binford.

Kangalope starboard surface-piercing foil at 10 knots, or just before flying. This is an aluminum surface-piercing large set of hydrofoils.
Hobie18 foilcat10knots.jpeg
Hobie 18 tow test at Lake Santa Fe. crossing powerboat wakes easily.
Kangalope starboard foil setup.
Rudder fin is attached to standard rudder, aluminum NACA0010, 9 inches by 3 inches, modified with a hinge and flap.
Bottom: Kangalope in the open on Lake Santa Fe at about 22 knots, singlehanding.