H. Other Foils, foilers, and foiling bits- Ideas???

It is now 2014: Among many recent developments in sailing hydrofoilers are the fabulous stallions of Oracle and ETNZ.

AWOL is a softsail SP foiler that looks wicked, and which appeared at Weymouth Speedweeks in 2012 and 2013 as fastest boat at 23 knots.

Flash-Harry is new in 2013 from Australia.image

Look at the foiling Laser!

The foils below are among John Ilett’s Moth efforts with surface piercing (SP) foils in about 2000: they became notorious for tucking a shoulder at full speed then rolling in jibes, and were soon followed by bicycle dinghy foilers.  Surface-piercing foilers still live however, with advantages like not needing a wand and being less likely to pitchpole after flying too high- unless doing 50 knots, unlikely with soft sails.
Ilett105-0541_IMGHydrofoilsIlettOZ Ilett105-0549_IMG